Saturday, January 19, 2008


Stand up for your freedom!
Don’t be your own nemesis my mentor said
Never give up your rights to be free
Which many leaders from the past fought for
Even before we open our eyes for the first time
Our freedom cannot be bought with words
Cannot be obliterated by our own ignorance
Slavery has to be put aside
Many battles through ages had been fought

Rebellion against the source have been part of the legacy that our forefathers have led
And die for
Fought so hard to get our Bill Of Rights
These men were brave
We should protect our freedom and not take it to the grave
Sometimes I asked my self
How can we be free in this world?
If we don’t protect each others rights
How can I free
If I can speak my mind
How can I be free if
Am not free in your own eyes
I can’t close my eyes because in the end
Is never going to be alright
America stand for freedom
But if you think you free

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